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SMS/Email Reminder for Medical Equipment Preventive Maintenance


Neoasia seeks to complement our top-of the-line medical equipment with excellent after-sales service. We invest in providing our customers with the requisite post-sales support so that their machines may perform at its optimal condition. Neoasia recommends that our customers maintain their machines with us after purchase so that they can have a preventive maintenance plan for their machines.

From the start of 2021, Neoasia is pleased to inform that we will introduce a system that will automatically provide our customers with reminders of their next maintenance and repair appointments. The reminders will be sent in the form of a text message via SMS or an email as per our customers indicated preferred mode of delivery. From the reminders, our customers will have the option to reply to confirm the appointment directly or to cancel and reschedule the appointment with their regular engineers via a separate Whatsapp link.

We hope that this automated system can enable our customers to stay current with the scheduled maintenance of their machines to ensure that their machines continue running at high performance and to minimize unexpected breakdowns and unplanned downtime. This automated system also comes as a part of Neoasia’s ongoing efforts towards an environmentally conscious business model through the digitalization of our processes.