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Neoasia Takes A Page Out of Singapore Airlines’ Book for Service Excellence

SINGAPORE, 17 and 18 DECEMBER 2020 – Neoasia had the honour of being the first company to be trained in service excellence by Singapore Airlines, an organization widely-acknowledged for industry-leading service and operational excellence.

As part of Neoasia’s continuous efforts to provide the best support for our business clients, we attended a 2-day course where expert trainers from the Singapore Airlines Academy provided in-depth training on handling challenging situations.

Tapping on their wealth of experience in Singapore Airlines, our trainers shared illuminating insights into elements that influence customer satisfaction and highlighted possible roadblocks that arose from service providers’ biases. After gaining a better understanding of customer behaviours and attitudes, the course delved into the art of tactful responses, the skill of performing effective service recovery, and the trick to de-escalating any conflicts.

We were given opportunities to put theory into action by brainstorming solutions to real-life case studies and engaging in role-play based on true scenarios. This allowed us to practise what we have learned during the course and receive timely feedback from our trainers and colleagues.

Neoasia would like to thank Singapore Airlines for providing us with an opportunity to learn their best practices in customer service. We are confident that we are well-equipped to build even better relationships with our clients and handle challenging situations with sensitivity, so that we can deliver service that is as highly commended and sought-after as that of Singapore Airlines.

Neoasia is committed to providing learning opportunities to everyone on the team. As an organisation, we strongly believe that by encouraging individual growth and skills development, everyone can grow alongside the company and gain confidence to be a better team player.