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Profhilo Hands-on workshop in Indonesia

INDONESIA, 1 December 2021 – Since the launch of Profhilo in July 2021, we have conducted numerous hands-on workshops for doctors in Indonesia both virtually and physically. Special thanks to our Profhilo trainers in Singapore and Indonesia to share the science behind Profhilo and their experiences.

Hundreds of doctors in Indonesia have benefited from the workshops and is able to provide Profhilo treatment in their clinics confidently for their patients. The key to optimal results would be the injection technique and patient selection, thus during the intimate workshops organised, doctors were able to clear their doubts and have hands-on experience under the guidance of our trainers.

Profhilo is formulated with 64mg/2ml of Hyaluronic Acid, the highest concentration hyaluronic acid injectable. Thermally stabilised with the patented Nahyco Technology, the unique Hybrid Cooperative Complex is able to increase hydration, stimulate 4 types of collagens, elastin and proliferate adipocyte stem cells for global rejuvenation of the skin.
With this game-changer in the market, we are confident that the “injectable skincare”, Profhilo, would be a key treatment in the clinics, alongside with botulinum toxin.

Neoasia is committed to deliver our best to all the customers in Indonesia and looking forward to stronger partnerships with all the doctors.