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Neoasia Celebrates Successful Launch of ACM Laboratoire Amidst Pandemic


January 2021 –  The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges and uncertainties: traditional brand launches such as physical workshops and events were rendered obsolete overnight, resulting in an urgent need to come up with innovative ways of engaging audiences.

As a company that prides ourselves on being flexible and technologically adept, Neoasia has been undeterred by the physical limitations imposed by the pandemic and quickly adapted to utilising online conferencing platforms to conduct educational webinars for our physicians and dermatologists since March 2020.

Neoasia’s early adoption of technology has allowed us to successfully organise a virtual brand launch for ACM Laboratoire via Zoom on 6th December 2020. We invited professional physicians and dermatologists from Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam to join us for an informative session helmed by esteemed speakers, Dr. Benji Teoh (Dermatologist from Malaysia), Prof. Philippe Humbert (Dermatologist from France), and Mr. Thierry (CEO of ACM Laboratoire). To add a personal touch usually present in physical events, our physicians and dermatologists were treated to a thoughtfully-packed gift box of customised macarons, premium teabags, and ACM Laboratoire products. This presented our physicians and dermatologists with an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant afternoon tea with Neoasia while understanding more about ACM Laboratoire.

We are happy to share that the virtual brand launch of ACM Laboratoire was very well-received and met with positive reception by our physicians and dermatologists. Many who attended the launch actively engaged our speakers in the lively virtual session and have expressed keen interest in the products.

Neoasia is committed to staying connected and actively engaging our professional network during these challenging times. If you would like to join our future virtual events and stay updated on new products and services, we invite you to inform our team at Neoasia of your interest to subscribe to our electronic mailing list.