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AnteAGE Relaunch & Conference in Singapore

Neoasia, in collaboration with Cellese Regenerative Therapeutics, hosted a relaunch event for AnteAGE at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. We had Dr Marjon Vatanchi, a board-certified dermatologist from US, and Ian Sanderson from Cellese Regenerative Therapeutics, to speak about AnteAGE and the technologies behind it. Following the relaunch event, we were joined by Assoc. Prof Ratchathorn, a board-certified dermatologist from Thailand, at a conference with the topic – New Treatment Frontier for Hair Loss. Assoc. Prof Ratchathorn spoke about anti-hair loss treatment by self-regeneration stimulation using AMT® (Autologous Micrografting Techonlogy®) and shared her personal experience with this treatment.

We would like to express our gratitude to all doctors from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia who joined us for the events. Our team at Neoasia is thrilled to update our doctors on the available hair loss treatments and we look forward to learning about your experience with the products!