Unique High Tech Facelift Solutions Combination of Ultrasound and Laser

Unlike other classic HIFU systems which emit ultrasound energy in focal points, SygmaLift by Medixsysteme is the only device that deposit the ultrasound energy in focal lines which target a larger surface areas, resulting in faster treatment. As energy is delivered in fractionated mode, SygmaLift gives great comfort to patients and no local anaesthesia or EMLA cream is required.

Sygmalift combines 2 energy sources: 3D Intensive Ultrasounds and Low Level Laser 635nm. The energy-based deviceis able to lift, but also to contour and remodel the face. The synergism of the thermal and mechanical actions of intensive ultrasound energy results in effective treatments that accentuate the neck and jawline, contour the eyes and lift the eyebrows.

Ultrasound delivers focused ultrasound energy at depths of up to 5mm, generating minimal heat into the skin non-invasively from the inside-out (unlike lasers and radio-frequency treatment which penetrate the skin from the outside-in). It creates a progressive thermal rejuvenating effect down to the adipose tissues that stores energy and insulates the body. In short, this part of the procedure breaks down the fats, and favours fat volume reduction in the submental zone. It also activates the skin’s natural regenerative process by increasing the collagen tissue extensibility. Results of facial remodelling and lifting of the skin can be seen progressively within 40 days.

• Exclusive 3D Intensive fractionated focal lines of ultrasound for facial re-modeling and lifting

• 3D tri-micro focal ultrasounds for skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation

• Cold laser 635 nm for bio-stimulation to improve skin tone and enhance skin glow