The Three Wavelength Picosecond Laser with Both Full-Beam & Fractional Capabilities

Syneron Candela PicoWay technology has optimal flexibility to adjust wavelength (532 nm, 785 nm & 1064 nm), beam delivery, energy, spot size and repetition rate for completely customizable treatments. PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact, which breaks up the target pigment into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

With the Resolve™ Holographic Fractional handpiece, it treats pigmentation and skin textural irregularities with adjustable fluences. It uses picosecond pulses to create both Laser Induced Cavitations (LICs) in the dermis and Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOBs) in the dermal-epidermal junction, while leaving the epidermis intact.